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A customer centric
IT service provider

We make it easy to grow with IT, and we offer IT services with measurable results to companies, public services and authorities in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, UK, Finland and Denmark.


A full-service provider of IT solutions

Advania is present in around 20 locations in Sweden and every day our 1,350 talents help you realise your goals. 

With a focus on long-term relationships, leading technologies, modern platform solutions and strategic partnerships, we make it easy for businesses and public sector organisations to grow with IT.

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In pace with the world

The IT sector has long been in an exceptional position as both part of the problem and part of the solution. The sector globally is responsible for a significant impact on the environment and on people through its high energy use, substantial consumption of materials and repeated reports of poor working conditions for those who manufacture the products. That said, a digitised world is absolutely essential for achieving the resource-efficient society we need if we are to give 9–10 billion people a good life in 2050.

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Corporate culture

World class employees

With us, it is clear that the value within the IT sector is generated by people for people. The skills of our colleagues are absolutely our most important asset, and we are keen on attracting, developing and retaining our talents.

In an environment pervaded by a strong customer focus and freedom under responsibility, it becomes particularly important for us to build strong teams of humble stars. Working in an inclusive environment, with individuals who are experts and customers who want to develop, gives us the opportunity to thrive and really enjoy our work.

Together we are unbeatable!

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Our management team understands that it is people and human behaviour that are required to organise and lead the development processes in a business operation effectively.

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Advania in numbers

Our employees, customers and partners are located throughout Northern Europe. The possibilities are endless!

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Advania is at the cutting-edge in generating customer satisfaction in Sweden.

When Sweden's IT customers are given their say, it is Advania Sweden who comes out on top for delivering customer satisfaction and generating operational, tactical and strategic value. We are particularly adept at delivering customer value within the User-related IT, Operations-related IT and Consultant services.

This is shown in places such as Radar Ecosystems’s annual supplier review, where we have taken top place for several years in a row.


We work with the best vendors
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This is how we do good work

  • test-uppförandekod

    Social, ethical and environmental values

    Our Code of Conduct for staff explains the rights and obligations of our employees. The content of the Code of Conduct meets the 10 principles of the UN's Global Compact on human rights, working conditions, the environment and anticorruption. All staff undergo regular training in the Code of Conduct, and we have an external channel for whistleblowing in which all employees and external parties can report problems anonymously.

    Our code of conduct for suppliers
  • uppforandekod-leverantor-ikon

    Flexible and value-adding partners

    Our Code of Conduct for our suppliers and partners clearly sets out our expectation that they have the same high level of ambition and the same systematic approach to fulfilling the principles of the UN's Global Compact. We carry out regular checks on our suppliers to ensure that they are fulfilling the requirements, and we provide information on the progress, results and continued initiatives in our annual Sustainability Report.

    Our code of conduct for suppliers
  • mangfaldsplan-ikon

    This is how we live Diversity

    The IT sector has been trying for years to increase the low proportion of women, and this is something that we at Advania are also committed to achieving. This issue has become even more critical in the wake of #metoo, but our customers are also taking an increasing interest in it. Now we have developed a new diversity plan for the Company, which describes both how we will tackle all forms of discrimination and how we will strive to increase the proportion of women in the Company's operational roles.

  • hallbarhetsrapport-ikon

    We report to make sure we improve

    Sustainability reporting is an ongoing commitment for us, and we place great importance in our target-driven and systematic approach to evaluating and improving ourselves. This certainly benefits the profitability of the Company, but, above all, it benefits our staff, customers and, not least, our impact on the environment.

    Advania sustainability report 2020
  • antikorruption-ikon

    Our fundamental principles

    Advania has set high standards for ethical and business conduct in its operations, and we have undertaken to combat all forms of corruption and financial crime. We have zero tolerance of bribery, corruption and other forms of financial crime. This is one of our fundamental principles and must be complied with.

    Anti-Bribery and Corruption policy

Management Systems for security, quality & the environment

IT and digitisation are important keys to a resource-efficient society, and we have both the knowledge and the tools to be the sector's best supplier and exceed our customers' requirements and expectations. At the same time, we take on the role of strategic sustainability partner.

To best succeed with this, we have decided to certify our management system for quality and the environment in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (the environment). Being certified means that we have our systems and approaches audited externally by accredited auditors, which we feel is highly beneficial from an operational development perspective. Since the autumn of 2020, we are also certified for information security under ISO 27001:2013.

From our customers' perspectives, certification is a form of guarantee that we are never satisfied: that we are constantly trying to improve in what we supply for our customers' operations in the form of knowledge, commitment and passion for IT services and products.