Advania joins the RBA - the premier coalition for sustainable IT business

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​“It is especially far back in the supply chain that our business risks negatively impacting society in terms of both social sustainability and the environment. That’s why we, since several years, have set systematic requirements in place, and ensured that our suppliers are working to become more sustainable,” says Helena Nordin, Sustainability Manager at Advania Sweden.

“As Advania continues to grow, the possibility to have an impact as well as the expectations for us to take responsibility in the supply chain will increase too. Through our RBA membership, we will continue to improve,” Helena Nordin continues.

With the RBA membership, Advania gains access to the overall knowledge and experience of the Alliance’s 150+ companies, working together to create a sustainable supply chain. With a common code of conduct, tools for risk assessment and follow-up of suppliers and by sharing information transparently with each other about the results, the RBA has become one of the most important players in improving working conditions in the global manufacturing chain.

"Our RBA membership gives us a good platform within the Advania group to work together with the challenges in the supply chain. It becomes most effective and powerful when we gather all the companies in the group behind a common code of conduct that we communicate to our suppliers," says Mikael Noaksson, CEO at Advania.

Advania's RBA commitments
As a member, Advania support RBA's vision and mission. Advania are committed to follow RBA's code of conduct in our own business and will gradually implement RBA's strategy and tools to achieve the industry's common goals. Advania also commits to gradually apply RBA's code of conduct to our direct suppliers (tier one suppliers), to monitor their compliance with it by using RBA's methods and tools, and to encourage and support our suppliers to do the same further down the supply chain.