Advania launches Advania Voice - the app set to help children and young people to learn trough music and rhythm

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Advania launches Advania Voice

- the app set to help children and young people to learn trough music and rhythm

Today, Advania Education (Skolpartner)  is launching its web application Advania Voice. The app is a learning tool that will function as a support for children and young people who find it easy to learn and recall information with the help of music and rhythm. With Advania Voice, teachers, educators, and students can create songs, rap, or rhymes by selecting from a menu of beats or accompaniments.

Gunilla Möller, educational development manager, and Kalle Sander, Business Unit Manager Advania Education (Skolpartner). 

Advania Education provides schools with digital educational tools and hardware. Now it is launching the Advania Voice web application for Google Chrome. The aim is to help children and young people learn through music and rhythm. In the tool, students and teachers can create songs, rhymes, podcasts and other voice recordings together. The app is suitable for pre-schools and schools that use Google GSuite for Education and Google Chrome.

Advania Voice is the result of Gunilla Möller’s involvement in the Google for Education Certified Innovator Program that brings together educators around the world, who want to find ways of giving students the best possible opportunities to succeed in the classroom with the help of technology. Together with 35 other participants, Gunilla participated in a boot camp organized by Google in Stockholm in November 2019.

“Advania Voice will help children and young people to remember teaching more easily and thus better cope with their schooling. Researchers have demonstrated a clear link between learning, music and rhythm. For example, music professor Jon-Roar Björkvold, University of Oslo, says that music is vital for learning. Language is developed with the help of music because you use the rhythm, the melody and the whole body to reinforce learning. Many of us remember a rhyme or song from our school days that made it easier for us to remember things. With Advania Voice, we make it easy for teachers, educators and students to create a song, rap or rhyme. You can, for example, choose a pre-recorded hit accompaniment and sing in a melody to a text about the right of public access or choose a nice beat and rhythmically read the multiplication table. The sky’s the limit!” says Gunilla, educational development manager at Advania Education and initiator of Advania Voice.

In her role at Advania Education, Gunilla, who is a former teacher herself, trains teachers how to use different apps and other digital services most effectively in the classroom. Gunilla noticed how many teachers opted out of music editing programmes available on the market because they felt they were too advanced, especially for younger children. So, the Advania Voice app is designed to be as easy to use as possible. It has a simple design, with a small number of buttons and menu choices to make it accessible to all students. Advania Voice is Advania’s attempt to make it easier to participate in developing Sweden’s most important space.

“It feels fantastic that Advania Education has the opportunity to give schools and students a digital tool like Advania Voice. With Advania Voice, we want to strike a blow for all students’ right to learning on as equal terms as possible. I look forward to seeing how Swedish schools start using Advania Voice as a tool in teaching,” says Kalle Sander, Business Area Manager at Advania Education, who is also a former teacher.

Advania Voice is a proprietary app developed by developers at our Advania Development business unit.

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