Advania Voice - the app that makes it possible to teach children through music rhythm

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Advania Voice

- the app that makes it possible to teach children through music rhythm

Perhaps you still remember the rhymes and songs that helped you remember your school work? You’re not alone. With Advania Skolpartner's app Advania Voice, learning through music and rhythm is easily accessible to all - students and teachers.

Gunilla Möller is an educational development manager at Advania and a true community developer. We met on Teams to talk about the latest innovation she has initiated: the Advania Voice app. Advania Voice is set to help children and young people to learn and improve their memory with the help of rhythm and music.

There’s no doubt that Gunilla is passionate about teaching. She is in fact a teacher herself; she worked as a maths and sciences teacher for 22 years before switching career paths for the IT industry. She is also a driving instructor and has long seen the clear connection between music and learning.

“I remember myself how music played an important role for my own learning as a child. So, it was natural for me, as a teacher, to write songs and rhymes for students to help them remember things. We also recorded several music videos together. I realised it was working when I saw how the students hummed to themselves when they took tests. Of course, music doesn’t help everyone to remember, but it does help lots of people.”

Advania Skolpartner (Education) is improving Swedish education by increasing teaching staff’s digital competence and providing them with the teaching tools they need based on modern technology. The Advania Voice app is now being launched, which is based on GSuite for Education solutions.

Google bootcamp used to define the concept

Gunilla had the opportunity to participate in the Google for Education Certified Innovator Program - an innovation project for actors in the educational sector from all over the world. Thousands of people apply for the program, but only 35 are selected. The goal of the Google for Education Certified Innovator Program is - with the help of technology - to give students the best possible opportunities to succeed in the classroom. Applications are required to include innovation pitches for Google’s core team. With Advania Voice, Gunilla was the first participant to base her solution and concept on music.

“During my years at Advania Skolpartner, I’ve lectured many teachers and had my views confirmed. Music has a huge impact on students’ memory, but can be difficult for many teachers to use. If you’re not musical yourself, the threshold for composing a melody and text can be prohibitively high. I wanted to make it easier for teachers to make music available as a tool on a daily basis. We need to help students who rely on rhythm and music to learn to improve their memories.”

The vision was clear: an app that enabled students and teachers to compose their own songs and rhymes together. After Gunilla had attended a bootcamp on Google, Advania Skolpartner began to develop the app, which grew from idea to prototype to finished product.

“We want to give teachers better opportunities to help students learn in different ways, with the help of technology. Advania Voice is a learning tool that is easy to use for both students and educators. We have deliberately scaled down the number of features and choices in the app, compared to a regular music editing programme. Everyone should be able to use Advania Voice. The Swedish National Agency for Education wants to promote varied learning - Advania Voice is a tool for getting there.”

Support to students

Many companies have music to thank for their brand.

“[The telephone directory service] 118 800 is a good example. After the radio ad with the lyrics “118 800 - super-cheap number information” it’s hard to forget which number to call. The same goes for the classroom. When I tell people about Advania Voice, lots of people start humming one of the many rhymes and songs they remember from their school days. It might be a rhyme to recall the multiplication table or a song about the natural cycle,” says Gunilla.

The goal is clear

“Today we see, for example, how many children struggle with maths. The app can help them - it’s easy to create rhymes and songs that make it easier to remember formulas and other mathematical expressions and concepts. Music and rhythm can also be a game-changer for students with neuropsychiatric functional variations, who need different forms of expression to learn more effectively.”

Advania Voice is a proprietary app developed by developers at our Advania Development business unit.

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