Richard Vogt, COO at Fremtind Service
Cloud CX Genesys 2024.04.29

Improved experience for both customers and employees

Fremtind Service is the largest toll service provider in Norway and handles road tolls all over the country. Toll collection is a transaction-heavy business and improving motorists’ experience is a top priority for Fremtind Service. A big part of that is customer services, and there they rely on Genesys contact center solutions.

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Fremtind Service has always been an early adopter of new technology and were one of the first organisations to move their Genesys solution to the cloud and implement a chat functionality for their users.

“What we want is a partner – not just a supplier pushing new shiny things and focusing on making a big sale. We prefer a partner who can see our needs as a customer and with whom we can have relevant discussions. Someone not only to sell us a product or service, but to tell us the pros and cons, and give useful advice", says Richard Vogt, COO at Fremtind Service.

Competence and attention are key

Fremtind Service came in contact with Advania through Genesys, and soon a partnership began to take form.

“We’re probably not the most patient customers, we do not want long periods of waiting for a sign-off or endless analysis. We want to go quite fast into seeing production and value. While delivering on that, Advania also surprised me and convinced me to rethink my stance on reporting and analysing”, Richard admits.

Fremtind Services had been using Genesys for a time, but they were ready for a new partner who could guide them to use the platform to its full advantage. In order to get a sense of which improvements could be made and where they would be most beneficial, Advania did a thorough check of all set-ups in Genesys, and interviewed Fremtind Service’s customer service representatives and super users in the system, putting together a comprehensive report on the status quo.

“When presented with that report, we immediately understood its worth. It identified a lot of pain points, both big and small, and made it easier for everybody in our company to understand why and how we should make changes using Genesys. Without the report and documentation, it would have been harder to leave behind the mindset of ‘Why change something that’s working?’.  Instead, we now identify and prioritise improvement areas, are able to rely on Advania’s competent project managers and stick to a plan in order to get most value for our agents and ultimately improve our customers’ experience,” Richard says.

Partnership for future challenges and opportunities

Looking ahead, Fremtind Service is expanding with new products and services, and into new areas.

“It only comes natural to us to see how Advania can support us there as well. With an established partnership, long-standing personal relationships, and the right expertise for our needs, we really get the whole package,” Richard concludes.


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