The customer is a successful multinational company within the Automation and Transformation business. Like all big companies within the manufacturing industry they handle high volumes. To control their aftermarket is of major importance to them.

Advania's collaboration with this customer has been ongoing since 1999. In the beginning we started to develop their current TechLine system based on SharePoint. What we do now in this project is to customize applications that are custom-built on a platform called ServiceNow. This is the system that will replace their current SharePoint solution. ServiceNow integrates with ten customer systems, which enables accurate data and better measurability.

Since 1999, Advania helped the customer with system solutions to support case management for their aftermarket.


"We started by helping the customer to gain control of their operations, register and handle errors and requests that occurred in their everyday business." 

- Niklas Wiberg, Client Manager Advania


Further development took place to implement the tactical processes and to permanently remedy recurring errors and improve product development. 

Our customer wanted profitability in their aftermarket. Prior to the collaboration, our customer struggled with major concerns about system stability as previous system solutions have reached end of life and were drawn with great complexity, aging technology and architecture. Due to the non user friendly interface, there had been a resistance within the organization to report cases

Major integration with support systems has also been lacking. Previous to the collaboration with Advania our customer found it difficult to obtain appropriate measurements and statistics for decision making and improvements. 

Advania has many years of experience dealing with aftermarket processes. We have several successful long-term reference customers, like this one. Specialist competence, together with experience, ensures that we can provide and optimize their aftermarket solution. We see our customers as our partners and we work together as one. The customer trusts that Advania delivers as agreed and that we always put in that little extra effort.



"Our collaboration is based on trust. We know the customer well and work closely together. It is difficult to distinguish an employee from Advania from the customer in this project, because we work as one." 

- Mathias Rieger, Business Management Consultant


The collaboration with Advania has resulted in a modern cloud based system, handling processes to gain control over their aftermarket. Some examples of concrete benefits are that our customer now can; predict warranty, thus avoiding fraudulent warranty costs, they have “zero” minutes downtime and almost 100 % of all data is measurable, which allows extremely detailed reports for accurate decision making.

The challenge we face with this customer, is that they have very specific processes compared to many other customers that we work with. We have therefore put a lot of effort into adjusting our system implementation in order not to change their processes, but to support them with optimal technique and know-how. For instance, ITIL processes and IT Service Management, that Advania are experts in. The success factor in this case is that we work closely together – as partners.

"My vision for this customer is that they will grow in line with the system with increased exchange of all the benefits that it enables, having a common platform for case management", says Niklas.

Early in the process, we were able to explain why we should use a “niche case management system” that supports the aftermarket. We have done a number of similar projects with very good results, based on ServiceNow. These platforms are optimized for case management and highly flexible, making them the best option in many cases, like this one.