Knowledge18 - Day 3

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Knowledge18 - Day 3

The last day of yet another incredible knowledge event and as before, a shame that all good things sadly must come to an end. 

This morning's keynote continued on the themes of the previous two days - user experience, service intelligence and service experience. We sat enthralled as we witnessed deeper dives into some of the new features and functionality, a focus on what ServiceNow is calling AI.



First up: Mobile Studio. This looked excellent. A very simple and intuitive workspace for building native mobile applications. Piggy-backing its intuition were some very bold claims by ServiceNow. The hope that their User Experience (UX) experts will reduce the need for their customers to invest resources in this area. Or as Pat Casey so eloquently put it:


"We have hired UX developers so you don't have to"


It certainly looked very slick and a huge improvement over their existing mobile capabilities. Mobility, multi-channel, always connected, always available. That is the IT of the future so it seems right that ServiceNow lay the foundation for a more immersive and integrated mobile experience (sick of hearing that word yet? ;) 

Next up came more in depth information about Virtual Agent and Virtual Agent Designer. This time we got to see the back-end and how developers can, code-free, easily configure conversations for the bot. Another workflow engine and another workflow UI. So we now have Workflow, Flow Designer and Virtual Agent Designer. Each with their own UI. There is some space for ServiceNow to improve its consistency across the platform.



ServiceNow also acknowledged the pains in the integration space. A void they plan to make some way in filling with extended reach capabilities with Flow Designer & IntegrationHub. In the demo world everything appears simple, but even when you strip away the PR veneer, a code.less integration engine is the future. Any work done to reduce the complexity of disparate software sprawl gets my vote for sure. 

Although not part of this mornings keynote but a part of a breakout session, the Walk-Up functionality in conjunction with the Virtual Agent, gives the springboard required for companies to shift their servicedesk focus. We have seen the transition that ITIL encouraged, namely from helpdesk to servicedesk. Now we enter a new era where the servicedesk moves from traditional incident/request management to the centre of excellence and innovation. For me this is why the Walk-up functionality is such great timing. It is simple, sure, but it is enough. Enough to inspire companies to create their own "tech lounges" and start thinking more about service experience. And as AI continues to wrap its tentacles around IT, the days of routine incident management will disappear and the servicedesk will be transformed into a trusted adviser, The Apple Store is a great way of visualising where we are heading and what that looks like. 

All in all another incredible event. This year was surely notable due to the quantity of new capabilities and roadmap transparency. Well done to ServiceNow for listening to its customers and acting on it. 

Next year Knowledge is back here in Las Vegas. I'll hopefully be back to bring you the lowdown on the market leading enterprise platform. 

Thanks for listening. 


//Elliot West*

*The author would like to point out that none of the articles were written by a chatbot or virtual agent but he reserves the right to change this in the future ;)

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