Advania on stage at Experts Live Europe in Prague

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Advania on stage @ Experts Live Europe in Prague

We are in place Prague and ready for Experts Live Europe. Experts Live is one of Europe's largest communities of conferences with a focus on Microsoft Cloud, Productivity, Data Center and Workplace Management. Top experts from around the world present discussion panels, ask-the-experts sessions and breakout sessions and cover the latest products, technologies and solutions. 7 experts from Advania is attending the event. 

On thursday our Chief Technical Architect within Devices, Nickolaj Andersen, and Jan Ketil Skanke from CloudWay will present at 14:00 in CLUB E. Their session is about the latest and greatest within Endpoint Manager.


What's the latest with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

  • Stage: CLUB E
  • Time: 14:40 - 15:30
  • Level: 300
  • Speaker: Nickolaj Andersen, Jan Ketil Skanke

With the new servicing model of Microsoft Endpoint Manager (ConfigMgr), development of the product has never been at a faster pace than today. 3 major releases each year provides organizations with new management capabilities, many of such cloud-enabled, but also integration of previous functionality in stand-alone products, among community requested features.

Join Enterprise Mobility MVP's Nickolaj Andersen and Jan Ketil Skanke who will cover all there is to know about the latest and greatest with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, including a bonus around the messaging and announcements regarding Endpoint Manager after Ignite.


On friday Nickolaj Andersen will be on the same CLUB E stage at 10:00 talking about simplifying your life within Windows Deployments with Community tools.

Simplifying Windows Deployments with SCConfigMgr Community Tools

  • Stage: CLUB E
  • Time: 10:00 - 10:50
  • Level: 300
  • Speaker: Nickolaj Andersen


In today's ever changing world, learn how community-based tools can assist in delivering a fast and flexible solutions for Microsoft Endpoint Manager (ConfigMgr). You’ll learn how to manage and keep drivers up-to-date in your organization with a single step method, how to use web services for automated deployment tasks and how a frontend can deliver a unified deployment solution with a user-centric experience.



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