Knowledge19 - Day 2 - Employee Workflows (4 of 5)

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Knowledge19 - Day 2 - Employee Workflows

(4 of 5)

Let's talk HR. No don't worry you're not in trouble. Let's talk about the practice of HR Service delivery.



I must admit I really enjoyed this keynote - it had a great flow to it. Blake McConnell (SVP, Employee Workflow), Pat Wadors (Chief Talent Officer) and Chris Bedi (CIO) started things off wonderfully with a conversation about how HR and IT need to come together to deliver great employee experiences.

It was about identifying the "moments that matter" but also about understanding the different perspectives IT & HR have and how they both must adapt to see the world from each others point of view. I found it very inspiring, mostly in part to Pat Wadors - who I think is one of industry's great leaders. I love her colourful language; she's the only one I know who can describe processes as "beautiful" and "delightful".

They summed up the key message around challenges with employee experiences as:

  1. ALIGN: There is a lack of alignment and collaboration, HR & IT need to work together
  2. DESIGN: Processes are not designed employee first, design must have a focus
  3. UNIFY: Silos delivering independent of each other


The discussion then flowed into how you overcome these challenges. What is the journey we are trying to create? What problems do employees have and how do we solve them? How do they feel at these various moments? Truly walking in the shoes of the employee and distancing the personas from the corporation around it.



Of course this is Knowledge so you know the conversation won't stay its course on theory for too long. No this ship has another destination - showing off its latest technology. First port of call - a brief run-through the "Employee Service Center" with the latest targeted content (campaigns) from Madrid.

This allows the employee portal to become more personalised and intelligent. You can't deny it is powerful and coupled with new mobile capabilities, companies will be able to meet employees where they are and in the channel they chose. Yes the perimeter-less workforce has begun.



Next up were HSBC. When you're 275,000 employees worldwide, HR is no easy task. Here we learnt of the challenges they had encumbered, for example (and I am sure many companies will recognise these):


  • Large amounts of variation in policy and ways of working
  • HR function needed to empower people and free up time for managers to focus on future skill sets
  • Simpler and faster HR with better data and personalised service
  • Allow the business to talk to the right HR person
  • HR Admin was a productivity killer



They had solved this by establishing a new one-stop shop for HR (with Service Portal), HR Case Management and Knowledge Management. Their go live was also very successful - 190,000 logins and no downtime. Impressive stuff and truly showing the power of the platform.



After HSBC we received a quick demo of Virtual Agent in Microsoft Teams. Already a neat function but vastly improved in the forthcoming release as it adds Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to its belt.

Last but not least came Asurion. They talked us through their implementation of Workday and ServiceNow and showed how the systems worked seamlessly together to bring about an end2end unified HR experience.



I don't think there is any more apt way of ending this article than by leaving you with a quote from Jennifer Baxter (Director, Global Programs Management, Asurion), who when asked how she would describe their new HR process, said it was:


"Remarkably human"


That's it for Day 2, last one tomorrow - NowPlatform.

/Elliot West


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