Knowledge19 - Day 3 - Now Platform (5 of 5)

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Knowledge19 - Day 3 - Now Platform 

(5 of 5)

The last day. You know how it ends right? Yes with lamas and witches. What? Yes you read that correctly. I know I never thought I would write an article about ServiceNow that started with the words lamas and witches but well you'll see it will make sense shortly.



Pat Casey (Senior Vice President, DevOps) kicked the show off with voice. Yes voice is coming. It's not evenly distributed yet but it will be and ServiceNow are preparing for it already. So with the help of Wendy Li (Sr Director, Software Engineering) they performed a slick demo (using the rather bizarre user case of a Lama farm*) showcasing the new Siri integration capabilities and the different types of AI being used to pull it all together.

So thanks to the recent Parlo acquisition they now have acquired the coding to convert text to speech, have it understood and even generate queries. Powerful stuff I'm sure you'll agree.



The last keynote of the conference continued with three basic themes: Scaling up, scaling out and privacy. The ServiceNow engineering teams had been hard at work for over a year to make some great changes to the back-end. This means the end of slow generating reports and other database requests for the large instances.

The affect of the change was very impressive. They claim it is giving 10x faster reporting and no additional configuration. A welcome relief to some of the globals out there.



When ServiceNow themselves are running 5 million tests per day and over 1.8 billion test per year, this optimisation had become an important one for them too.

Next up "Scaling Out" some of the large enterprises are running multiple production instances due to compliance reasons and so now ServiceNow are providing new functionality to very simply replicate data between instances. Before this was previously done with a whole load of Business Rules, scripting and APIs, not any more.

It will work essentially like a streaming service; with a producer - where the business critical content is created and distributed and a Consumer - the one subscribing to the service.



Next up Privacy. Here we heard about how new ways the platform would safeguard customer data both in the New York release and also in the future Orlando release (2020). It basically boiled down to three things; compliance, encryption and KYOK - Keep Your Own Key.

Which means that customers will hold the rights to their key not ServiceNow as well as the ability to revoke it. In Orlando we can expect full lifecycle ownership of keys for the customer. This was all oddly demonstrated through the medium of witches. Yes witches.



The final part was about apps; productivity and transformational apps. My key take home is that Scoped apps is the way to go. Faster upgrades, better data protection and best of all: No Update Sets.



So that's it for this year at Knowledge19. The key themes to takeaway are:

  • Agent Workspace is the new UI
  • Rapid expansion of AI capability
  • Mobile, mobile, mobile (and soon Voice)


I hope you have enjoyed reading my articles, please "like" and "share" them with your colleagues if you have - knowledge sharing is a beautiful thing. For those that will be at Knowledge next year, it is in Orlando, Florida - I'll see you there. In the meantime you can follow me here in LinkedIn as I post articles on all things ServiceNow or over on Twitter @elliotrwest.

Now lets go build some mobile apps.

/Elliot West, Strategy & Innovation


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