Jira/Confluence Server will be discontinued, what should we do now?

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Jira/Confluence Server will be discontinued, what should we do now?


This weekend, Atlassian sent out an email to notify all customers about a big change to their Server line. The end of sales and the eventual discontinuation of any support to the server products. The basic things to know is that

  • From 2021-02-02 there will be no further sales of server licenses

  • From 2022-02-02 there will be no further upgrades/downgrades of user tiers

  • From 2023-02-02 there will be no further sales of apps for server products

  • From 2024-02-02 there will be no further support of any server products.  

So what does this mean for your organization?

Well not that much in the short term. The time frame for this process is over the next four years from now so in most cases you have plenty of time to take the time and evaluate your strategy. Going forward you might want to keep a couple of scenarios in mind.

Scenario 1: The internal users

This is for the company that use the products internally within company firewalls and want the best and most cost efficient solution going forward. The main disadvantage of Atlassian discontinuing the support for this scenario is that you need to invest in securing the environment from external threats by using other products, this may be the use of VPN, Identity solutions and many other products. This however, can also add benefits and functionality to your system. We recommend using Okta as identity provider to expand functionality and secure your environment. 

You should take advantage of the fact that Atlassian server products are sold as perpetual licenses. What this means is that you own this license and can use it however long that you desire without further cost. What you need to think about though is that since no new licenses will be sold after February 2nd, 2021 you should plan for the future and your expected license requirements long term. For the larger companies this means getting the largest license, allowing unlimited users and you need to make this purchase before the deadline. 

Scenario 2: The local control users

This is for the company that require full control of the products and cannot use cloud services, you require the most secure environment with high availability and performance going forward. The option for you will be Atlassian's Datacenter options. Removing Server products allows Atlassian to fully commit to the development of their Datacenter option and this includes the addition of Bamboo coming to datacenter to allow for the best CI/CD experience. If you want to see what is in line for the Datacenter product line then visit the public roadmap here.

Atlassian Datacenter is now able to run on a single node so the transition from Server to Datacenter is less intensive in terms of hardware than it once was as it allows you to keep your existing infrastructure. However to fully take advantage of the benefits of Datacenter we recommend that you build it in a cluster which allows you to improve availability, performance and scale with a zero downtime environment. To further sweeten the deal is that from February second, 2021, some of Atlassians premier products will be included in your datacenter license, these include Advanced Roadmaps for Jira, Team Calendars and Analytics for Confluence and Insight Asset Management and Discovery for Jira Service Desk.

Scenario 3: The standard delivery 

This is for the company that have more normal requirements, that does not have limitations to using cloud and are interested to remove the complexities of running their own environments.For you the solution is Atlassians Cloud services. Atlassian and their app partners has invested heavily in their cloud solutions and this allows for mostly seamless transitions today. Users appreciate the simplified User Interfaces in cloud while administrators benefit from the no hassel delivery of continuous updates, simplified administration and no longer having to work with hardware issues. 

Our offer to you

Should you need assistance in navigating these issues we have put together a special service which will be available until end of 2021.

Service: Strategic Choice for Atlassian

  • Interview with your key stakeholders

  • Reviewing of your internal guidelines

  • The results will be presented in a customized report

This will allow you to make a decision on your Atlassian strategy for the future.

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Krister Broman