We want to make it easy to grow with IT

Managed Service Provider

Purchasing IT as a service is redeeming. Outsourcing operation and support is liberating. Doing it with a first-class partner is reassuring. All this is obvious. But we also look after something more. To grow successfully with IT, it is essential that everyone is on board with the idea. Everyone feels committed and inspired. That it feels easy.


Secure IT

We help you find secure and simple solutions to manage your organisation's data and infrastructure. Advania intends to simplify the work for the IT technicians and for management and administration



Modern infrastructure which supports your organisation's goals. Find the right mix of public and private cloud services to build a high-performing infrastructure which meets your business needs under the current regulatory framework.


Flexible workplace

Give your employees the opportunity to work together safely and securely. Our approach to collaborating has been revolutionised. More than ever, it is fundamental that the experience of a digital work day is at least as good no matter whether you are sitting in the office or working from home.



The role of the network is more important than ever. The network is critical for every business and organisation, and the need for its availability is increasing in respect of performance, security and capacity.


Storage in Sweden

Do you need to your data stored in Sweden? Advania guarantees that your operational data stays within Sweden's borders, and is not passed on to any third party. Our service desk is based in Sweden and we have a local presence throughout the country.


IT for Real estate

Future proof your IT for real estate and construction. We can help you with your next step.

this is how we help

It will be easy to grow with IT

We do this by making it easy and effective for everyone. We put operational goals ahead of technology. We do this by making it safe, with security and sustainability integrated right from the start. We do it by being responsive and flexible. We decide together how fast things will go. And we do it by being innovative and inspiring.

Together we create new opportunities. How can we help you?

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Sales Manager, MSP
Sales Manager, MSP

Fredrik Örnhall

Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Officer

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Business Area Manager Managed Services Provider
Business Area Manager Managed Services Provider

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