Managed Services

Flexible services to increase innovation

Advania offers a variety of managed services where clients can offload specific IT operations. That means Advania assumes ongoing responsibility for operating, administrating, monitoring and managing of selected IT systems, services, and functions. In each case, Advania adjusts the service level agreements to the customer's needs. 

Agile sourcing

Flexible services with you

Our sourcing services are developed with you - where you only pay for the services you use and are based on agreements open to constant change that evolve with your business to create a responsive environment.

We believe in long term relations. In fact, we have customers that we have been working with for more than 20 years. This would not be possible if we did not provide our customers with flexibility and reliability.

Cloud services

An accessible Cloud

It goes without saying that your cloud servces need to be easy to access. the Cloud and have a high level of availability. 

Additional capacity can be obtained when your business need for upgrade or downgrade - while only paying for what you use. 

IaaS | BaaS | PaaS | SaaS


Business critical systems can't be underestimated

Accessibility to business critical systems is essential to your core business operations. Advania specialises in designing, implementing and integrating high availability solutions for the entire data centre infrastructure.

Thanks to our extensive business technology and in depth expertise, we make an excellent partner suitable for your business development. Get in touch for product solutions, managed services and consultancy services. 

Communication Centers

An experience you can relate to

Nowadays, customers want to be able to choose how they interact with organisations. Whether they call, write in a forum or send a message via social media, they also want the process to be quick and easy.

Using a single platform, you can easily create an environment for you and your team how you handle tasks more efficiently - increasing the number of tasks you handle an hour and be in control of the your customer service.

Advania Marketplace

A thousand services – one portal

Advania Marketplace gives you access to more than 1000 cloud services via one shared interface. You will have an overview of your entire IT environment from both a technical and financial perspective, together with the flexibility and cost control which are required to work efficiently nowadays.

The services are provided by the industry's leading suppliers and the number available is growing every day. The platform offers a high level of automation to ensure that the tools you choose form an effective whole.

Legal & Professional Services

Continue to compete

Our major driving force is to increase our customers efficiency and profitability - while also reducing internal and external risks.

Many years of experience, combined with market leading document and email management tools and solutions, we help our customers tailor solutions to achieve their ambitious business objectives and remain competitive.

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Sales Manager - Managed Services

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