Create a workplace for the modern era


As the world opens again, there are new insights and new expectations. We will not go back, we are entering a new world. From a time which showed how simple and difficult it is to work a long way apart from each other. Where the technology made it possible and caused frustration. To a world where we must always be ready for whatever comes.



Flexible workplace

Whether we are talking about computers, mobile phones, printers or licences, we help you equip your operation with the best tools for your workplace.

With a flexible delivery model which covers the full life cycle, we ensure that every part of your workplace functions, while you have control over your costs.



Gain access to over 1,000 cloud services in a portal and subscribe for the services you need for your workplace. You get an overall picture of the entire IT environment both technically and financially, and, at the same time, the flexibility and cost-control required for working effectively today.


Customer Experience

No matter how your customers make contact, it is essential that they get fast and straightforward help with whatever they contact you about.

For your employees, it is the flexibility and availability of your system that is decisive, both for their performance and for their job satisfaction and well-being.


Life-cycle management

With Advania's life-cycle management, your operation has full control over your IT infrastructure from acquisition to disposal. Old equipment is bought back, and processed in an environmentally friendly and secure manner by our specialists. Thanks to our ISO-certified processes, around 97% of the equipment can be reused by new customers.


Service and support

Simplify your business's digital life and avoid the hassle of hardware or software. A trouble-free IT environment with products that work well leads to a long lifetime of use and a reduced impact on the environment. We offer support through Advania's Service Desk as well as service and repairs in our own service workshop.

this is how we help

Together, we shape the workplace of the modern era

At Advania, we do this by designing for flexibility and security, where freedom and safety go hand in hand.

We do this through sustainable solutions, which make it easier for you to achieve both your business and your sustainability goals. Through continuous development, we create new opportunities, and by being responsive and flexible, we decide the speed jointly with you.

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Business Area Manager, Workplace
Business Area Manager, Workplace

Fredrik Alktun

Business Developer & Partner Manager
Business Developer & Partner Manager

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