We'll keep your company running

Is Windows running? Can you print and are the basic software applications running properly on computers and mobiles? It goes without saying that our work tools – the clients – must function properly, as the costs incurred would be huge if work comes to a standstill. But it requires time, resources and a well-established structure to manage this properly on a regular basis. 

With the help of tools, processes, and experienced technicians, we make sure that you can promise your users that the computers and programs will work while you have control. We make sure that you can promise your users that the computers and programs will work, while you are in control of the costs, thus keeping your business working.


Self Service

We help users with anything that isn't working properly, while reducing the numbers of crisis situations and minor faults which can be taken care of by the users themselves using a smart self-service portal. With this, you can order hardware and software, gain access to internal resources, and reset passwords.

Application Management

When it comes to application management, we want you to be at ease throughout the whole chain –drawing up requirements, placing orders, installation and user training for the upgrade, licence management, and eventually settlement and migration to other applications. It should simply be seamless from start to finish.

Service Desk

Our Service Desk is available for you when problems arise. You can use remote support to deal with all tasks remotely, with only a few cases requiring additional support.

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Sales Manager

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