How Scania uses vehicle data to streamline maintenance
Digitalisation 2022.05.18

How Scania uses vehicle data to streamline maintenance

Scania is a world leading provider of transport solutions, and their vehicles are full of smart technology such as advanced sensors and wireless connectivity which of course results in lots of data. Scania wants to increase the value of these data, improving their way of working and improving customer value.
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– We embarked on a journey to digital transformation, an automation journey. We want our customers to have insights and be on the forefront of deciding the next steps, based on automated intelligent suggestions. We built up a brilliant platform and architecture that proved to be extremely valuable for our services network. The digital eco-system we were after holds many opportunities and we realised speed is the key. Therefore, we needed acceleration in areas which were based on commodities, and we found that in ServiceNow. Advania helped us accelerate the journey even further, says Syed Zaidi, Director Retail Digitalisation, Service Portfolio & Delivery, Sales & Marketing at Scania Group.

Scania_teamworkSyed Zaidi, Director Retail Digitalisation, Service Portfolio & Delivery, Sales & Marketing at Scania Group

Scania’s approach: interactive and human-centric

Scania’s Digital Dealer-project is based on their service advisors’ experience, whose main purpose is supporting customers pro-actively while also ensuring uptime for their operations. Instead of taking technology as a starting point, Scania uses a human-centric approach in order to define the most efficient dealer operations and increase customer satisfaction:

– We want to be in control of what makes Scania unique: our product derived from the data our vehicles generate. We recognized the possibility to build on top of ready-made solutions, and the benefits of building upon robust platforms such as ServiceNow to boost and accelerate the digital transformation, says Syed Zaidi.

One example showing how Digital dealer focuses on improving the daily digital experience for its users is the automated monitoring tool for vehicle fleets, making sure that all active vehicles are in top condition: The system automatically detects when a vehicle needs repair or maintenance, and initiates the appropriate service just in time, optimizing the vehicle fleet’s availability. Tailored maintenance plans ensure maximum uptime, increased productivity, and fewer disruptions in daily operation, which directly serves the modern digital experience Scania strives to offer to all their employees and partners.

– Our customers' expectations increase every day and for us it is crucial to work closely with them and together explore the right business challenges and deliver the right solutions, says Lars Gustafsson, Senior Vice President at Scania Group.

Scania_team_meetingInstead of taking technology as a starting point, Scania uses a human-centric approach.

The importance of a service-minded and open-minded partner

Advania’s experts help interpret Scania’s needs and facilitate co-creating value in the ServiceNow platform.

– We chose ServiceNow because of the way Advania was acting as a bridge and presenting the platform to us. They help us combining new solutions with existing solutions, which also makes the transformation for our users a lot smoother and easier. We combine Scania-unique ways of working with ServiceNow, and this approach helps us to understand the feasibility and aligns also with our digitalization principles. This allows us to be unique while also being able to streamline our way of work, says Syed Zaidi.

The future holds even more possibilities

With more digitalization and smarter AI-solutions, it is important to keep customer interactions in mind and recognize new business opportunities:

– We have already taken steps to further boost the eco-system while creating flows and journeys that are based on commodities like field service management. It is about customers having choices at their fingertips: whether it is automated planning with intelligent suggestions directly on their smart devices, or the system reaching out to them for a maintenance visit to the workshop that is automatically adjusted to time and routing of the operations. Our customers will be able to focus more on value of operating business rather than efforts to keep the fleets' uptime, says Syed Zaidi.


  • Scania is a world leading provider of transport solutions with 50,000 employees in about 100 countries.
  • Scania vehicles are full of smart technology, advanced sensors, and wireless connectivity.
  • Every day, 25,000 vehicles visit Scania’s 1,600 workshops.
  • Over 600,000 connected vehicles are continuously emitting data.
  • Scania puts those data points to good use to both increase business opportunities and customer value.


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