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We are specialized in manufacturing and with our Connected Aftermarket solutions, some of Sweden’s largest manufacturers have taken their aftermarket to the next level. By connecting products on the aftermarket to ServiceNow and combining this with workflow capabilities you will achieve data-driven intelligence that triggers actions in business.

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INCREASED VALUE on the aftermarket

Transform your aftermarket services

Create smarter aftermarket services and deliver a great customer experience using world-class digital solutions.

The aftermarket has long been in the shadow of manufacturing, being seen as a cost burden rather than an opportunity for profit. Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, has brought an abundance of several different solutions, each with their own setup and look. This can make customers overwhelmed and therefore lead to them missing out on modern technologies’ benefits. Advania Connected Aftermarket gives you a single platform for all aftermarket processes that combines the tools the customer actually wants with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Using the ServiceNow platform, Advania can deliver workflows that innovate services and processes on the aftermarket, both for customers and resellers. With experience from some of Sweden’s largest manufacturers and together with ServiceNow as a no/low code platform, we can deliver tailored applications with a record-breaking time to market.

Manufacturers need world-class digital solutions that can transform their after-market services with a focus on innovation and a rapid time to market. Only then will you be able to meet the ever-changing business needs, exceed your customer's expectations and find new revenue streams.

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Are disparate processes and technologies blocking your aftermarket revenue potential?

By leveraging ServiceNow’s digital workflows and Advania’s deep expertise in aftermarket processes, manufacturers can connect disparate assets to streamline critical aftermarket processes.
World-class digital solutions

Deliver innovative workflows

Enable governance and proactive services

Gather all aftermarket processes in a single platform and enable new value streams through proactive IoT services. 

Accelerate business development

Acceleration of business development through ServiceNow No/Low-code capabilities.

Make improvements based on historic data

Use historic aftermarket data to improve case handling efficiency and continuous product improvement.

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How Scania uses vehicle data to streamline maintenance and increase customer value

Scania is a world leading provider of transport solutions, and their vehicles are full of smart technology which results in lots of data. Scania wants to increase the value of these data, improving their way of working and improving customer value. Advania is proud to be their partner on this journey.

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Advania announces global solution for the industrial aftermarket

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