Safety is good, security is better

Feeling safe is knowing that you can achieve your goals. That the requirements are in place and that everything will work properly. Feeling safe is also being able to focus on the job. In being aware of the hazards, but knowing that you are protected from them.


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Protecting information

All organisations depend on information to function. This means that your information is valuable to both your organisation and the individual. We help you ensure that your information is properly managed and protected.

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Cyber security

Cybercrime and attacks against businesses have increased significantly in recent years. At the same time, intrusions are becoming more complex and difficult to detect. We help you proactively protect your business and raise awareness among your employees.

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Managing data

To facilitate the management and enable the inventory of information, we offer Data Management as a Service. We help you analyse and consult on unstructured data to improve security, compliance and efficiency.

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Secure identities and access

Managing identities and authorisations effectively is crucial to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. We help you protect your business while creating a simple and smooth experience for your users.


Detect and prevent threats

We help you protect your business by monitoring, identifying, analysing and managing threats and anomalies in real time. So you can counter potential threats even before they take hold in your organisation.

this is how we help

We put people before technology

At Advania, we aim to help you create an IT environment in which everyone feels secure. Where it is difficult to make mistakes, even for the uninitiated, the distracted or those busy doing something else. And if anything does go wrong, it will not be a disaster.

This is how we do it:

  • Always putting the users' perspectives before the technical solution.
  • Being an attentive partner by going along with you and showing the way.
  • Helping you with a solution which is just right for you. For in a world where IT is everything, no one needs to feel insecure.

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Business Area Manager Security
Business Area Manager Security

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