A Simple Worklife - A Transformed Everyday Life

A Transformed Everyday Life

Streams of emails, copy-paste and Excel – it’s over now. We create a digital work life as you wanted it to be – as smooth as the apps and services you use at home, automated and without manual work, with improvements that are done while you sleep. 

Together, we transform work and business into something much more fun and efficient than before, where you will always feel that you have an overview and control. We look for solutions that enable you to work together in the best way within your organisation and give the best experience to the users. 

How can we help you simplify your working life?



Let computers do the boring work

Automation is about giving the time-consuming, inefficient, and boring tasks to computers to do. It can even go so far that errors and shortcomings, which you hardly knew ever existed, are rectified automatically. 

Since most steps and tasks can be automated, we look for details and what is not doing well – our goal is for you to spend time and energy on creative and fun tasks instead.



Identify the biggest time thieves

Manual processes take time, which adds up when you include them all together. We help you identify the greatest time thieves and do something about them, using the right technology and processes.

If that sounds simple, we can tell you that’s not the case. You need accuracy, methodical planning, and the right technology that makes your processes less manual.

Data driven

Increased chance of making the right decision

Your gut feeling is usually wrong. We give you an overview of the business processes, how they are connected and where the weak links are. 

By collecting and making information available in one place, you can make informed decisions in real time without guessing. Data-driven decision-making simply increases the chance of making the right decision even under time constraints.


Safe cooperation

How we work together

What suits you?

Choose the sourcing solutions that suit you and your business – from the suppliers’ clouds to our data center, or your own server center.

Where are your data stored?

Choose where your data are stored – only in Sweden, globally in the cloud, or within the EU.


Maintain systems and processes that you use proactively – we can manage, adapt, and develop your systems.

Satisfied customers

Introduce the market’s best technical solutions in a way that suits your business.

Partnership beyond technology

ServiceNow transforms the old, manual ways of working to modern digital workflows so that employees and customers get what they need quickly, easily, and at the right time.

With Atlassian, you get the tools for teams to unleash their full potential. Atlassian’s tools can be used by everyone – from small startups to global companies.

Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise. The Okta Identity Cloud enables organisations to easily secure and manage access for their workforce and their customers.

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