Advania Connected Aftermarket

Advania Connected Aftermarket

Advania is an Elite ServiceNow partner with long experience of helping customers succeed in their digital transformation journey. We are specialized in manufacturing and with our Connected Aftermarket solutions, some of Sweden’s largest OEMs have taken their aftermarket to the next level. 

This is done by connecting products on the aftermarket to ServiceNow and use workflow capabilities to achieve data-driven intelligence that triggers actions in business. Contact us to learn more about how our connected aftermarket solutions can help your company.


Transform your aftermarket services 

The aftermarket is in the shadow of manufacturing, being seen as a cost burden rather than an opportunity for profit. Using multiple disparate point solutions, the key challenge is to meet the increasing expectation for services enabled by Industry 4.0 technologies.

Using the ServiceNow platform, Advania can deliver workflows that innovates services and processes on the aftermarket, both to customers and resellers. With experience from some of Sweden’s largest manufacturers and together with ServiceNow as a no/low code platform, we can deliver tailored applications with a record-breaking time to market.

  • One platform for all aftermarket processes.
  • New value streams from proactive services enabled by IoT.
  • Acceleration of business development through ServiceNow No/Low-code capabilities.
  • Historic aftermarket data as a driver of case handling efficiency and continuous product improvement.
  • Globalization by offering translations for free-text fields for 64 languages.



Key features

✓ Proactive cases (IoT)

✓ Product database

✓ Knowledge management

✓ Six Sigma DMAIC

✓ Translations to 64 languages

✓ Fault code automation

✓ Dealer/Reseller network

✓ Mobile App

✓ Advanced escalation


Want to learn more?

Manufacturers need world-class digital solutions that can transform their after-market services with a focus on innovation and a rapid time to market. Only then will they be able to meet ever-changing business needs, exceed customer expectations and find new revenue streams.

Through custom fit applications we help you achieve process efficiency and new revenue streams by having a single system of action with workflow automation capabilities.

Contact us

Krister Olsson
Business Area Manager

+46 761 40 04 31