Data Centres

Never underestimate the importance of business systems 

Business systems are essential to your core business. Advania specialises in designing, implementing and integrating high availability solutions for entire data center infrastructures. 

In our portfolio, you find product solutions, managed services and consultancy services. Thanks to our extensive offering and in-depth expertise, we meet the point of your development and adapt to your needs.


Servers and storage

Server and storage environments must have the capability and capacity to satisfy the demands of the business, as well as maintaining high levels of security and availability. Servers must be flexible, redundant and cost-effective, whilst not imposing constraints in terms of opportunities for growth and expansion during operation. Storage must handle requirements for managing company data, as well as flexibility in growth and capacity. 

We will help you to design the right solution, whether located in a data hall or as a service hosted by us.

The control has thrown an exception.


Network and security

Networks must be geared up for the future: this is the "Internet of Things", with more connected devices per employee and new security requirements. A network architecture, which keeps track of who the users are and which information they can access, is required. In the future, the traffic on your company network will be significantly larger.

At Advania, we identify the challenges you face. We will proffer specific suggestions as to how you get your network ready to meet future access and security requirements.


Agreement Service

Advania's Agreement Service offers efficient and proactive monitoring of service agreements and licenses. Using our agreement portal, we supply support agreements and efficient administration during the entire agreement term. This applies to every manufacturer. We assess our customers' security, and our service team provides proactive suggestions as to which support is applicable to your company or organisation.

Our service analysis offers advice on making it easier to find the right support level, ensuring that support will be a well-utilised resource for your company.

Advania Finance

Financing and take back 

Advania Finance helps you get the most you can from your IT budget. Should you choose to lease your IT equipment, a fixed charge is paid every month or quarter. Thus, costs are easy to overview and budget for. It is advisable to schedule for IT equipment replacement on a regular basis.

Our lifecycle management is an excellent example of how the IT department can be part of the circular economy. Choosing a more sustainable way to manage your IT equipment benefits both you and the environment.

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