Innovation is what's taking you forward. Integration is what makes you better.

Innovation & Integration

Taken together, innovation and integration constitute your ability to digitise - a fundamental condition for surviving in a world in which technological development is going ever faster. At Advania, we are totally convinced that the ability to digitise sustainably is the decisive factor which will differentiate your operation from your competitors. And we are happy to help you.




Better developed than complex! The software industry is never-ending, and in a constant state of change, which exposes companies to constant challenges. Our experts inspire development and make it easy to grow with Advania.


Knowledge Factory

International specialist unit with leading specialist consultants in IT infrastructure with a passion for the latest technology. We often act in an advisory role and work together with our customers to develop and optimise their IT environment.


Digital transformation

We help you with digitalisation and automation, so you can avoid repetitive manual processes that can cause bottlenecks and poor quality. Let us add value for you through innovative solutions based on market-leading platforms such as ServiceNow, Atlassian and Okta.

This is how we add value
Begin where you are today

Put your development before the technology

Advania is happy to help you with your innovation process to make it easier for you to grow with IT. We support you where you are - by being responsive and flexible for what you want and need to achieve. We help you prioritise the initiatives which will make the greatest difference for you. Together, we'll set the pace and work towards your goals.

An excellent start is to look at your own operation's culture: involve your staff in the innovation process, that's where you get the really good ideas. Our experience of innovation processes shows that it is the people who work in the operation who have the best grip on what works and what you would benefit from improving in order to increase your competitive edge. A good starting point is figuring out which data you have today that can help you pinpoint the processes you would most benefit from automating, and which systems to integrate.

What do you want to develop?


Systemintegration with iBiz

As of August 10, 2021, iBiz Solutions is part of the Advania Group. iBiz has developed a unique, market-leading delivery model in integrations, creating changeable and manageable systems integration that enables innovation. Through our strong willingness to accept responsibility, to share our knowledge and an open culture, we accept the challenges – the iBiz way.

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Chief Experience Officer, IT Infrastructure
Chief Experience Officer, IT Infrastructure

Tobias Öien

Business Area Manager, Development
Business Area Manager, Development

Henrik Stjernberg

Business Area Manager, Transformation & Automation
Business Area Manager, Transformation & Automation

Krister Olsson