Agile Sourcing

It should be easy to grow with IT

You want a fast and effective IT environment. That is what our focus has been over 20 years with sourcing - to create a more easy and efficient working environment. 

Flexibility and agility are two focus points in our sourcing business. We'll quality assure your business critical operations in our Swedish data centers - with a delivery model based in Sweden. It's the safer and easier choice so you can focus on your core business. 


All agreed but still not happy?

New business demands and the development of digitalisation can both lift and sink your organisation. It's not unusual that new IT contracts doesn't deliver all you need - even though all requirements are met. 

Our agreements are very flexible - both regarding delivery and termination. This is crucial as we understand how digitalisation and your business develops over time, and that not everything can be planned for from start. 

Our service agreements are more frameworks than contracts - you decide how long you want to be partners

Change your contracts to suit your current business model

It's just as easy to leave us as to choose us




Shared responsibility

Our experience tells us that for a delivery to be successful, it's important that we share the responsibility of business development. As you sourcing partner, we work in three different tiers to achieve just that - operative, tactical and strategic. 

This way we can minimize risk and take responsibility for questions that otherwise might be overloooked. 





All data within Swedish borders

Your data will never be outsourced to a third party, and is only handled within Sweden under Swedish law. Our responsibility includes everything from device to network, server operations to service desk. 

With twelve offices over all of Sweden you will have a local presence with a national force - with access to quick and reliable help any time during the day by our Swedish speaking user support and local 24/7 specialists. 




Custom made

Generic to unique

We believe in something as simple as long term relations. In fact, we have sourcing customers that we have been working with for more than 20 years. Our sourcing services are flexible, whereby you only pay for the services you use, based on agreements that evolve with your business.

Many of our services can also be delivered through Advania Marketplace - a platform that gives you access to more than 1000 cloud services via one shared interface. You will have an overview of your entire IT environment from both a technical and financial perspective, together with the flexibility and cost control which are required to work efficiently nowadays.




Customer Satisfaction

Leading in Sweden

This year, the IT customers have nominated 15 suppliers for delivering customer value and quality. Advania Sweden is leading in creating operational, tactical and strategic values for their customers in 2018 according to Radar’s large supplier quality review.

Advania is top ranked in three of four categories, User-related IT, Business-related IT and Consulting Services. 





A Cloud Service Guarantee 

Since early 2015, Advania has acted as adviser for the European Cloud28+ network. This community comprises more than 600 companies with the combined focus on helping customers to receive more and better information about cloud solutions that help their organisations. 

The role of the contract network and IT platform is to increase cooperation, allowing companies to share information with each other, create new partnerships and improve business results - something we use to make customers happy and drive business forward. 

Our sourcing activity is based on the mindset that knowledge should be shared, and be able to provide customers with as much freedom of choice as possible with regard to all the aspects of our business offers - both in terms of solutions and in agreements. 


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Sales Manager - Managed Services

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