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Our major driving force is to increase our customers' efficiency and profitability, while also reducing internal and external risks. 

Thanks to our years of experience, combined with market-leading tools and solutions for document and email management, we have helped our customers tailor solutions to achieve their ambitious business objectives and remain competitive.

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The smart and secure solutions available nowadays give you access to all your business-critical information, wherever you are. We help our customers to: 

  • Implement top-quality document management tools
  • Solutions for sharing projects and files with external parties
  • Automation business-specific processes
  • Integration with critical business systems
  • Use industry-specific solutions such as control of conflict of interest and deadline management


"Using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology will make it easier and more efficient to manage large amounts of information."


Göran Gustafsson
Business Manager
Legal & Professional Services


Today, iManage is the market leader and has been providing information management system solutions for nearly 20 years. To date, iManage has helped more than 3,500 organisations worldwide to manage and organise their documents, tasks, and information. 

We have been working closely with iManage since 2006, with their products forming the basis for our range of legal products and services. 

DocsCorp is a leading software provider for organisations that handle large volumes of documents. More than 3,000 organisations use their products, such as PDF Docs, CompareDocs and Cleandocs, enabling customers to manage their documents efficiently.

With over 10 years of partnership, we have helped customers become more productive in their everyday work. DocsCorp's solutions are best integrated with iManage.



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