IT is the key to a sustainable future


The way forward never goes backwards. Technology is the great enabler, even for the world we want to have. A wise digitisation creates conditions for communication, improved efficiency and innovation – pillars in a more prosperous world in which everyone can more easily join in, on equal terms. At Advania, we want to help you achieve what you want to accomplish, your vision, your business goals and your sustainability goals.



Sustainable product certification

There is a whole lot that we can do to reduce our impact on people and the environment when we choose IT products. By understanding more about the risks and opportunities out there, and finding what's right in the certification jungle, you can make an informed choice when you buy new, think about how you use the products once purchased and ensure that they are processed in a responsible way when they have reached the end of their useful life with you.


Responsible manufacturing

The global supply chain for electronics production involves risks of negative environmental impact and risks to the people who work in extracting raw materials and in manufacturing components and products.
Do you want to help identify areas of risks and require that your supplier of IT products takes responsibility and counters the risks that are there?


The climate calculator

The Climate calculator is a calculation model which helps calculate the total carbon emissions generated by IT products. Where in the life-cycle are the largest emissions? What is the most important thing to think about when you are purchasing and managing workplace products? Increase your awareness of the climate impact of IT products – and how it can be reduced!

IT is an enabler

Sustainable digitisation

We work sustainably from the ground up, not just as an add-on. And we aim to do it together, from a common conviction that we all have a responsibility for the world we live in, and that our most important customer is the future.

Let's talk about sustainability!

Chief Sustainability Officer
Chief Sustainability Officer

Helena Nordin