The workplace you and your colleagues deserve

A modern and mobile workplace means that you and your co-workers do not need to worry about hard- or software. The printers do not jam. You and your co-workers are always equipped with the best client devices. Wherever you are. 

We have created a simple and flexible delivery model which covers the entire life cycle. We manage everything you need at your workplace - from the point where hardware is purchased, to analysing licenses and, should so be needed, replacing devices. We care for the entire supply chain so that you and your co-workers can focus on what you do best. 

Advania Education

Contributing to a brilliant future for Sweden

We develop digital tools and educate teachers in the rapidly changing digital environment. 

Together, we ensure that students use technology in a helpful and responsible manner. Our school development activities are based on science, best practice and inspiration.


Do you pay too much?

Do you pay too much or too little for your licenses? Not to worry – we will manage your licenses and costs that come with them.

Software licensing related to sales and consultancy in both the private and public sector, is what many of us deal with every day.  


Work where you want

And when you want to. The office is no longer the center it used to be. You reply to just as many emails, have client discussions and create business plans on your mobile phone on the go. 

Everybody needs a mobile phone to be more efficient, faster and more flexible in their professional life. Android or iPhone? We help you and your co-workers get exactly the mobile phone and services you want – to affordable prices. 

Clients & Devices

Ample for operating companies

Work tools, clients and devices must work efficiently. The standstill at a company comes with unnecessary cost. Ensuring that those tools are properly managed require time, resources and well-established structures at all times. 

We make sure that your computers and programs work so that your company continues to operate, whilst you stay in control of the cost.


Black and white

Do you know how much your printers cost? We can break down your costs per employee and printed sheet.

At the same time, we will help you manage printer security - a state of the art multi-function printer currently has 250 known security bugs - and convert paper management to digital processes. For the times when a little black on white is called for. 

Advania Finance

Financing and take back 

Advania Finance helps you get the most you can from your IT budget. If you choose to lease your IT equipment, you pay a fixed charge every month or quarter, which makes the costs easy to budget for. It's also a good idea to schedule IT equipment to be replaced on a regular basis.

Our lifecycle management is an excellent example of how the IT department can be part of the circular economy. Choosing a more sustainable way to manage your IT equipment is good for both you and the environment.

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