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Learn with the help of music and rhythm!

Advania Voice is a web app that helps students and children in pre-school and school to learn through music and rhythm. Advania Voice is used to record rhythms and songs with the aim of learning texts, and it is also possible to record podcasts and narrations.

Many people report how their learning has been made easier with the help of a tune or melody in combination with a text they need to learn. The advertising industry has long used music as a tool to make messages stick – are you thinking of an advertising jingle right now?     

Advania Voice as part of your business

Advania Voice is a tool that focuses more on the learning process than the final result, which should not be confused with music editing programmes where the end product is the aim. Neither do you need any technical or musical ability to use Advania Voice, which makes the tool easy to use – simply give it to children or students and get going!

Songs for inspiration

Song about the right of public access

Rap about the second world war

For Chrome and those with a Google account

Advania Voice is designed for Chromebooks and Chrome notebooks so the app is optimised on Chrome. All files are saved automatically in Google Drive so you can access them anywhere via your Google account.  


Record a rap or tune

Write a song with pre-recorded background music

 Record a podcast or an interview

Record a narration or a poem 




Advania Skolpartner about Advania Voice

“Advania Voice is designed to help children and young people to recall teaching more easily and thereby do better at school. Researchers have demonstrated a clear link between teaching, music, and rhythm. For example, music professor Jon-Roar Björkvold from Oslo University, has said that music is vital to learning. Language develops with the help of music because we use rhythm, melody, and the whole body to reinforce learning.”  

 – Gunilla Möller, Educational Development Leader, Advania Skolpartner

The concept behind Advania Voice

“We want to give teachers better opportunities to help students to learn in different ways with the help of technology. Advania Voice is an educational tool that is easy to use for students and teachers alike. We have consciously limited the number of functions and options in the app compared to a typical music editing programme. Everyone should be able to use Advania Voice. The Swedish National Agency for Education wants to support varied learning – Advania Voice is a tool to achieve that.”

  – Gunilla Möller, Educational Development Leader, Advania Skolpartner

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