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This is how we use cookies

What are cookies and why are they used?

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your computer's browser when you visit a website and can be retrieved from the browser for various applications on subsequent visits. Our website uses cookies to provide you, the visitor, with access to various functions that facilitate your use of the website.

This website uses cookies for the following applications:

Functionality cookies

These cookies enable the visitor to navigate the website and use its functions in an easy way. Without these cookies, the functionality of the website may be affected. You agree to functionality cookies by clicking on I accept cookies.

Performance cookies

They produce an analysis of how the website is used by its visitors, which in turn enables us to adapt the website accordingly and make it as visitor-friendly as possible. These cookies are not necessary for you as a visitor to use the site. You consent to performance cookies by clicking on I accept cookies.

Targeted cookies

Collected to tailor advertising on various media channels based on how the site is used by its visitors. These cookies are not necessary for the visitor to use the site, but may improve your browsing experience. You consent to targeted cookies by clicking on I accept cookies.

First and third party cookies

The Advania website uses both first and third party cookies. First-party cookies are cookies that are stored in the browser of the domain page Third-party cookies are cookies stored in the browser by third parties.

We use the following third parties:
Target cookies

How long do we store the information collected?

Permanent cookies are stored for six months and automatically disappear after the expiry date. Session cookies are stored on the computer as long as the visitor is on the website.

When visitors leave the site, the session cookies disappear. Advania does not share the information with any other party.

Manage and deny cookies

When you visit the website, you can choose to reject cookies by not clicking on I accept cookies. Refusing cookies may affect your browsing experience.

If you as a visitor do not want cookies from this website to be saved in your browser, it is possible to partially or completely disable the saving of cookies. It is also possible to delete unwanted cookies after they have been saved. All actions are done in the browser settings, and the implementation differs depending on the browser used by the visitor.

Below you can find instructions on how cookies are handled in some of the most commonly used browsers:

Chrome - Clearing, enabling and managing cookies in Chrome - Google Chrome Help
Firefox - Clearing cookies and site data in Firefox | Firefox Help (
Internet Explorer - Deleting and managing cookies (
Microsoft Edge - Deleting cookies in Microsoft Edge
Safari - Manage cookies and website data in Safari on your computer - Apple Support

Your rights

Your rights are set in the General Data Protection Regulation. For more information, please  visit or contact Advania's data protection organisation through

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