Säkerhet 2021.10.19

Industry 4.0 by Advania

Den 7 oktober samlade Dagens industri beslutsfattarna och strategerna från svenska industribolag för en heldag om investeringar, innovationer och tech. Advanias Transformation & Automation experter var såklart på plats för att både få och bidra med inspiration, diskussioner och insikter. Här kommer Oscar Baarts reflektioner från dagen. Och kolla gärna in paneldiskussionen med Advanias Chief Digital & Innovation Officer Daniel Albertsson!

On the 7th of October I joined Krister Olsson and Gustav L'Estrade at the "Industry 4.0" conference hosted by Dagens Industri at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. All of us were eager and ready to dive into a full-day event packed with interesting presentations and discussions about where the industrial sector is going, and what role IT has in that journey. We also brought along our very own Chief Digital & Innovation Officer Daniel Albertsson to be a part of the panel discussion about human vs artificial intelligence regarding skills supply in the industry. In case you missed it live, be sure to rewatch this very interesting conversation here.

Our mission as representatives of the department of Transformation & Automation at Advania was to talk about our aftermarket solutions, a field in which we have become experts through our deliveries with Scania and other known Swedish manufacturing customers. Another topic we presented was which possibilities we have in helping factory floor staff using digitalization combined with the resources we have at Advania. My day-to-day job is working as a ServiceNow developer but being on the "front lines" was an eye opener. Decision makers from the industrial sector were eager to hear how we can automate their businesses, increase efficiency, and help them to resolve the problems they are facing today. The whole event was a great source of motivation for us, and it was inspiring to experience the interest in and demand for our aftermarket solutions firsthand.

I am curious to see where our industry campaign will lead us - after today’s experience our journey forward feels both hopeful and exciting!

Oscar Baart
Business Consultant, Transformation & Automation at Advania

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