Advania Education

Creating rooms for learning 

We contribute to the development of Swedish schools by enhancing the digital pedagogy of the teaching staff. Together with the teachers, we provide students with prerequisites to evolve and navigate the modern, digital society of today.

Schools focus lies in students’ learning. Achieving the best possible outcome for students requires not only great teachers with strong leadership, but also excellent physical and digital learning resources and environments. We specialise in helping teaching staff optimising students learning - regardless if online or in the classroom. This by improving teaching methods, which are supported by state of the art technology.



Programming for students

Programming is introduced as part of several subjects in compulsory school, focusing on technology and mathematics. We offer courses for teachers in both primary and secondary schools.


Less administration and improved communication

The proprietary apps - Pre School App (Förskoleappen) and After School App (Fritidsappen) improves the daily contact between parents, teachers and management. Parents become part of the children’s daily routines, all the while teachers spend less time on administration and more time with the children. 


Pre School

Involve parents with the Pre-school App (Förskoleappen). 

The Pre-school App allows teachers to document and share the pedagogical plans. Hence, parents are involved and can follow their children’s everyday curriculum. 


After School

Improve quality time with After School App (Fritidsappen).

The After School App relays the after school activities for parents. Using the After School App, teachers can document, share and discuss events with parents and managers.