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Two steps ahead

The Champion of IT Infrastructure since 1998. Knowledge Factory has long committed to being the #1 Top Player within IT Infrastructure. We offer Infrastructure solutions based on the latest cutting edge technologies. Our company is dedicated to providing an experience that exceeds the expectations of our global customer base.


Our experts provide best practices to secure access to valuable resources and information - from any device and across private or cloud environments. We have extensive experience in planning and implementing highly complex security projects.


Going mobile is no longer about carrying a single mobile device. Now it means the ability for any user to pick up any device in the context of what they are doing, and have instant access to all of the “stuff”-settings, data, and applications that follow the user and flow seamlessly from device to device.


There should be no question that companies are under pressure to increase IT productivity. IT productivity should enhance an organization’s growth and promote economic well-being. We can help you communicate the way you want. Fast. Effortlessly. 


We are #1 in IT Infrastructure. Today with assignments around the globe, Knowledge Factory is the Premier supplier of IT Infrastructure consulting and services.

People are on the move; they multi-task and live their lives across multiple devices; they want to stay connected – we build the infrastructure to support this. 

As genuine consultants we provide independent solutions, tangible results and sustainable value to our clients by combining edge, creativity and visibility.



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