Good morning Alexa, open ServiceNow

Transformation and Automation Blogg

If you live in a technology interested family like mine and you haven't ignored the press for the last few years, then you will be well aware of the progress being made in home automation. The major players are now firmly committing themselves to this development area, as we see machine learning and workflow become ever more present in both our private and business lives. 

For voice activation and control, you can choose from Amazon Echo, Google Home, Sonos and soon Apples voice controlled speaker. These are great devices which can save ever time and allow you to reduce the administration in your lives. For me it gets even more interesting when I connect apps such IFTTT & Stringify, I now have a huge world of configurable workflows at my fingertips. For example: My phone notices when I leave the office and will automatically send my wife my ETA. Like a music video on YouTube - it is automatically added to a Spotify playlist. Cooking dinner and the kids want to watch Netflix - "Alexa, turn on Netflix and play Finding Nemo" No more burnt chicken. Or best of all, in the mad rush to get everyone off to work and the kids off to school - I close the front door and say "Alexa, lights off". Done. 

Now on the business side of this how does this translate? and how do I integrate voice with ServiceNow workflow to steer the enterprise task activities? Which aspects of ServiceNow can I control with my voice? 

Some possible examples might be: 

  • Are there any security threats?
  • Are there any service interruptions?
  • What changes are being deployed this week?
  • How many tasks do I have in my queue?
  • Give me my daily summary

Curiosity will get the better of me, and I will be setting up an Alexa/ServiceNow integration over the coming weeks. This could take multitasking to a whole new level. Watch this space.

//Elliot West