Knowledge19 - Day 1 - Customer Workflows (2 of 5)

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Knowledge19 - Day 1 - Customer Workflows

(2 of 5)

Day 1's Customer Workflows keynote was all about the "connected customer experience" or as Farrell Hough put it...


"Connected customer experience is the new standard for customer service"



First up was a rather emotional journey told by Erin Doney (VP Customer Experience Innovation*, UHG) which showed off some the great work done with Agent Workspace. This functionality was first shown last year at K18, so it was definitely eye-opening to see what has been achieved in 12 months and with the big budgets that UHG must sit on.



The CTI integration and map content all pulled together in a nice UI makes for a great case worker experience. Not sure it is the future of customer service for the customer, but certainly a massive improvement on how agents have traditionally been forced to navigate a myriad of different systems and at the same time hold a telephone conversation. No easy feat.

So whilst it may be hard for us Europeans to really get our heads around the American healthcare system, it isn't hard for us to swap out "private healthcare" for any other sector and see how far ServiceNow's CSM product has come.



Next up on the stage was Vodafone. They like many other telecom behemoths have had their own customer service struggles - as well as the larger struggle to become more agile.

They showed us though their great work done with Service Portal, Agent Workspace and Virtual Agent. Perhaps for me the most interesting part was some of things that Chris Holmes (Head of Digital Experience*) said, for example:


Don't document as-is


Which was Chris explaining how they didn't want to tarnish their new ServiceNow implementation by taking with them their "old ways of working". They wanted to re-imagine processes from a clean slate.

He hinted also that this strategy actually had some issues at the end but we never really got to hear what they were. I think though that we can conclude that "lift&shift" is not a good approach for any company.



Chris also referred to "the business and IT", in fact this happened throughout the keynotes. In the digital world there is no business and IT, there is just the business. The IT-centrist view is still alive and kicking and it will be a long term challenge for companies and especially ServiceNow to shake this off if it is to be taken seriously as a generic PaaS provider.

The key take away from this keynote is Agent Workspace is the new UI. It shows great potential already with its machine learning functionality, and in the New York release we can expect third party integrations brought into the space too.

Tomorrow it is IT and Employee Workflows with Dave Wright (Chief Innovation Officer) and Pat Wadors (Chief Talent Officer) - two very inspiring speakers.


/Elliot West

*People have such flashy titles these days. They are all words I understand in isolation but when put together they seem to lose their meaning.


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