Future is Now

Transformation and Automation Blogg

It has been an impressive journey for ServiceNow, I don't think anyone could doubt that. It really doesn't seem that long ago that legacy-slow-implementation-consultant heavy-ITSM-applications were standard fare. Then ServiceNow turned up and set their colossal footprint well and truly in the ITSM market, shortly after that saw them step out into Enterprise Service Management and IT Operations Management. It is fun to watch and exciting to be a part of. 

So what is next for ServiceNow? Judging by their latest acquisitions (DxContinuum & Telepathy), it appears strengthening automation & IoT are the next ports of call. They plan to embed its machine learning technology into the platform and take use of its predictive models to greater automate process flows. The machines are coming. Are they going to take over and destroy us, probably not, yet. For the feasible future it is they who will help us become more efficient, but the day will come when it is we who will help them. So if your name is John Connor - try not to get yourself killed... 

We can also expect to see huge improvements to the new Service Portal. Whilst still in its infancy it has great potential, everything looks nice but it is not sufficiently documented at the moment. What worked in CMS OOB now doesn't (UI Macros). I trust ServiceNow will rectify this soon. We'll also see whether web designers like Bootstrap just as much ServiceNow does*... 

* Tip they don't. 

- "I like ServiceNow, a lot. I would go as far as to say I love it. It has brought a true breath of fresh air into a smog filled stagnant city. It's speed and versatility is unrivalled and provides me almost infinite possibilities. I love the way it changes conversations, I love the way a Proof of Concept is something I can knock up whilst my idea is still forming."

ServiceNow have made it clear at Knowledge that they don't plan to embark on this journey on their own. We heard last year the importance of partners in helping ServiceNow achieve its goals. ServiceNow have to be much more transparent with their roadmap. There are too many apps on Store being made redundant because ServiceNow is developing themselves. It is frustrating both customers and partners alike. 

I am looking forward to following the future with ServiceNow, it will be interesting to see where John Donahue takes it. I hope they listen to their customers and partners and make some changes. If they do that, the world is their oyster.

//Elliot West