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It's day two, the scene is set and everyone was eagerly awaiting ServiceNow to pull out the big guns. We weren't disappointed. Highly powered fully automatic guns they were too. CJ Desai kicked things off by highlighting the focus areas for the NowPlatform:

  1. User Experience
  2. Service Intelligence
  3. Service Experience

First up Agent Workspace. As we move into an era of collaboration we need tools that support this way of working. ServiceNow have realised that the previous way was very "back&forth" and time consuming for a process fulfiller. Agent Workspace aims to provide a simpler, more intuitive and centralised layout. This hopefully should reduce the amount of clicking and make standard actions faster. Also being able to have multiple task records open simultaneously in the same space is a very welcome return.



Other major news was announced when Microsoft took the stage and confirmed a cooperation between ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams to enable seamless integration between the two tools. I really like Teams, for me it embraces the modern workplace - everything I need in once place (well except email but that is coming soon right Mr Gates?). So to be able from Teams to interact with a NowBot which can kick off tasks, requests etc is going to be a pleasurable experience. Teams is the future and to see ServiceNow recognising that confirms their position as a market leader in workplace transformation.



What else was new? I almost don't know where to start. It was a fantastic key note this year, lots and lots of cool functionality to enable and support digital transformation. There was the Virtual Agent technology allows chatbot integration to kick off workflows and interact with any ServiceNow application. What was previously an external integration with IBM Watson is now fully immersed in the platform.

Then there was the brief showcase of a feature that is coming in the Madrid release - Enterprise DevOps. DevOps is a cultural mindset and approach that is gradually being embraced across enterprises to deliver the speed that is required in our modern digital era. One challenge that DevOps has had is the fragmentation across the toolsets. There is quite a sprawl out there as well a little competition from Atlassian/JIRA which ServiceNow shows that they are prepared to take on. How this new application will look like we don't really know as we didn't get to see any screenshots, but with the incredibly powerful platform at their fingertips, it shouldn't be too much of a challenge to provide a "developer friendly" workspace which can seamlessly integrate with a brethren of DevOps tool providers.

Before our brains had sufficient time to digest the magnitude of what was just heard, another bomb was dropped - ServiceNow will be deploying a new native mobile UI. Because of its nativity, it can now take advantage of all the IOS/Android phone functionality, which will go a long way to providing a much more consumerized and immersive experience for both end-users and fufillers alike. The future is a mobile - an always connected workforce and consumer.



And last but not at all least ServiceNow announced that Madrid would see further improvements to both Flow Designer and IntegrationHub. This reinforcing the trend towards more code-less and trigger based development. Integrations have notoriously required complex scripting, so it will be very interesting to see just how simple they are able to make the process. I'll keep you posted.

All in all a really great day today. ServiceNow committing themselves to helping customers with their digital transformation journeys, shifting the focus to experience and embedding the latest intelligence technology in their platform. ServiceNow's platform technology is becoming so advanced it will enable many companies to achieve competitive advantage. So just when I think surely ServiceNow will become a bit complacent, they march on and trigger my interest all over again.

So that's a wrap up (that is a Las Vegas term isn't it?) for Day 2. I'll be back for another day's report tomorrow.


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