Communications guru Mikael Virefjord joins the team!

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Communications guru Mikael Virefjord joins the team!

Knowledge Factory onboards Mikael Virefjord who will join the Communication team in Stockholm. Former Employer – AddCIT. 

“I’m so excited to be able to help our customers with new ideas around their way of communication, both internally and externally. With all new kind of cloud solutions in the O365 area, for example Microsoft Teams, there is virtually no longer any limits! Together with some of the top players in the industry and the extreme amount of knowledge at Advania, there is no task or challenge that is to big or to small”, says Mikael.

Mikael is a communications guru! With more than twenty years experience from the telecom industry Mikael has worked with all the known telecom companies in various roles such as Vice President, Strategical Advisor and Technical Architect. Mikael specializes in O365, Skype and other modern Cloud Solutions.

”We live in historical times where digitalization means we face constant change. Handeling this means increasing demands on fast and clear communication. Mikael’s competence is a new and unique addition to the team and I am so thrilled to be able to broaden our customer offer and work with communications in a more strategical perspective!", says Anna Hernberg, Captain at Advania.


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