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The NowPlatform is a very capable platform. But at the moment it is based on one core assumption and factor - the data comes to it. Yes it can provide fantastic intelligent experiences but that is from the moment the user interacts with the platform and not before. So there is a piece of the whole chain that is currently missing.



Let me give you example. You have the ServiceNow platform setup - you have a Service Portal up and running and well established IT Service Management processes. You are doing Event Management and actively monitoring your infrastructure. You probably have Service Level Agreements ticking away, keeping track on resolution and response times. All well and good. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Oh except for one thing - you have quite a few users who every time they open Microsoft Word it crashes. They restart their pcs and it crashes again. On the third attempt, it remains stable. 25 mins of working time lost and unhappy employees result. Now at this point they may log into the service portal and create an incident. They fill in a simple form, get updates to their devices, the ticket is auto-dispatched, the servicecenter contact the user/s and the incident is resolved quickly.

From the portal login onward the experience was as expected. Transparent, simple, personal and informative. Except that wasn't the whole experience. Much of the experience happens outside of the interaction and therefore ServiceNow wasn't even aware.

We often talk about improving experiences with IT, because let's face it - it's generally painful. So we often try to provide a simpler, more user-friendly experience by improving portals, processes and interactions. But surely the ultimate experience with IT is never having to interact with IT at all.


"When IT moves to the background (just like electricity), then you have succeeded with experience. Until then we all have work to do."


This is why integrating multiple platform vendors can help drive EX as part of your digital transformation. Using software like Nexthink in conjunction with the NowPlatform can provide a business with those actionable insights. It can see what the engagement platforms can't see. Not only that, it can take actions before the users even feel the consequences. Which means users aren't unhappy, they aren't calling your servicecenters and they aren't wondering if maybe they should quit IT and open up a tea room in Dorset.

Don't get me wrong, I like tea (I'm an Englishman so it comes with the territory) but I know that if I am having tea in Dorset I don't want it served to me by a disgruntled employee who hates the IT department. Tea is an institution that deserves better.



What am I trying to say? - It's simply not enough to provide fantastic "reactive" experiences. I could argue it is not even enough to provide "proactive" experiences. We need to provide PREDICTIVE experiences. To get there we need to have insights, we need to track behaviour and we need understand the perspective of the end-users.

//Elliot West

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