Back from Atlassian Summit

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Back from Atlassian Summit

Advania has just returned from visiting Atlassian’s main partner conference in Las Vegas. 


Here is a recap of what I believe to be the main things to take away from Summit 2019. If you are interested in more information I would highly recommend anyone with interest, to look further and view the general session as well as all other great presentations on Atlassians Event Site where all the sessions are recorded. 


New Server Product Releases

Atlassian is updating the server products across the board with new main releases of the products, Jira, Jira Servicedesk, Confluence and Bitbucket. All products will gain new functions and upgrades.



Additional great news was that Atlassian is on track to deliver the long-awaited native mobile apps for Jira Server. Apps for Android and Apple IOS can now be accessed through Beta program available from Atlassian.


Cloud products gain new functions

Today, 90% of new Atlassian clients is choosing cloud as their starting point. Atlassian is continuously improving the cloud service and in Summit three highly desired improvements was announced

  • It is now possible to rename your environment (through support ticket), this is a preparation for a later release which will allow for full custom URLs
  • Cloud Environment can now support up to 10 000 users.
  • Data Locality is improved by the addition of Amazons Frankfurt datacenter with more centers to follow. This will allow for customers that have increased requirements of data residency to decide where the data should be stored.


Security in cloud has also received several welcome improvement.


  • Atlassian Access now allows for standard Single Sign On (SSO) & SAML integration to suppliers Okta, Centriy, Bitium, Azure, Onelogin, Microsoft ADFS and Google Cloud Identity.
  • Automatic User Provisioning is now available for Okta, Azure and onelogin
  • All new customers will have their data encrypted by default, at rest as well as in transit.
  • Audit Logs can now be automatically synced with security partners, McAfee, Netskope, Symantec and Bitglass


Atlassian also released a new premium cloud version of Jira and Confluence. The product mainly adds enterprise functionality and availability such as 99,9% availability SLA, Unlimited Storage and Premium Support. The premium product is currently in Early Access Program and is rolling out for early adopters.


AgileCraft becomes Jira Align

Atlassian latest acquisition was AgileCraft in March. At Summit it was announced that AgileCraft will be rebranded as Jira Align.


Jira Align is focused on strategic initiatives for enterprise environments using large scale frameworks such as SAFe. The software allows a company to gain a better understanding of what features a team is working on that matter most for the success of the company and if initiatives reach the goals they are set to achieve.


Atlassian Playbook expanded

Atlassian has long since released several of their best practices and “how to” guides to help teams work better. During Summit, eight new plays and guides focused on IT teams where released.



All the guides are released on free of charge. They provide any team with a great starting point to begin, develop and end a team project and can be used by anyone, even those that have yet to see the benefits provided by Atlassians great products.


Final Words

Again whether or not you are an Atlassian client today, Summit provides many interesting sessions for your viewing pleasure, from DevOps to personal development. So if you want some further pointers i would highly recommend the following two sessions as a start:

Devops VS Compliance - Who knew that compliance could actually be an interesting subject

5 Biggest Productivity Blockers and how to fix them - Everyone should know the term Seagulling :-)


/Krister Broman

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