Knowledge19 - Day 2 - IT Workflows (3 of 5)

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Knowledge19 - Day 2 - IT Workflows

(3 of 5)

Ok everyone Day 2 and for me the big one - Dave Wright (Chief Innovation Officer) is on stage. I like listening to Dave, not sure what it is, perhaps the Liverpudlian accent makes talking about the future a more tangible concept, or maybe it's his laid-back style? whatever it is it all in all it makes for an inspirational and easy listening.



Dave kicked off by talking about the rise of cloud computing and how IT believe they were "infrastructure gods" - which I particularly liked as I often talk about IT narcissism and its problem for the business. He summarised IT's needed transition as:


"We need to drive productivity into the business not into IT."


He also talked about how several things were going to change in the future:

  1. We get rid of rigid controls - agility moves beyond DevOps
  2. Intelligence moves beyond insight - it becomes prescriptive
  3. Ticket spin cycle ends - automation beyond tickets
  4. Experience beyond consumer - experiences at work surpass consumer experiences at home



Next up came an interaction with Shell, which blew us away with the enormity of the organisation and the impact ServiceNow was having in the effort to be a more agile and intelligent enterprise. Their portal with skills functionality which had achieved 80% coverage and allowed them to make smarter decisions around resources, training and development. Shout out to NewRocket for their work that sadly we didn't get to see.

Next came a lot of focus around DevOps and AIOps. Particularity of interest was the identification and demonstration about how Change Management processes were slowing down the speed of the organisation and preventing technology teams from fostering business agility. It was a sad but true story of how companies had implemented controls and entered a "friction state" then moved to a DevCowboy state (as they attempted to remove all controls) only to end up back at the friction state when they realised that didn't work either.


ServiceNow proposed there is a new state; one of stability.



This, they claimed, would be brought about through automation and integration. Showing us a new Jenkins integration (additional ones for Microsoft DevOps and TeamCity on their way too) which would reduce the amount of manual ticket creation. This should ease some of the pressure facing change management with the ever increasing number of deployments. Essentially they are proposing a new type of change: a DevOps change.



Next up was a AIOps demo of the new "Operator" workspace showing its functionality around Agent Intelligence and linking direct to Security Incidents. This then flowed nicely into showing off the new NoCode Security Playbooks (using Flow Designer). If you're not using Flow Designer yet you really are missing out.



The last item of note was the announcement of a dynamic translation function (powered by Microsoft & IBM). It was good, it worked. Whether it is as powerful and as comprehensive as the one we at Advania have developed (using Google) will have to be seen.



Next up is Employee Workflows, and then tomorrow the last one in my series; NowPlatform.

/Elliot West


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